The Board of Trustees approved an updated version of KCPL's Reopening Plan on April 26, 2021.

The full plan is available here.

KCPL is currently in Phase 5 of the Reopening Plan.

Reopening Plan - Phase 5
Triggers for Entering Phase 5

Available Services

Building Use

Reopening FAQs - Phase 5
Can I come into the library?

Yes, we are now offering in-building services on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at our Chestertown location and on Tuesdays and Thursdays at our North County location.

The Rock Hall location does not currently have in-building hours due to the Municipal Building being closed to the public.

What in-building services are available?

During in-building sessions, you will be able to pick up items on hold, browse the stacks, use public computers, print/copy/fax, and get help from library staff.

Do I have to come into the library?

No, we will continue to offer contactless pickup at all three locations.

What services are available through curbside pickup?

Curbside pickup can be used for items that are on hold, print jobs (see below for additional information on how to send a document for printing), and to-go kits without entering the building.

Do I need to make an appointment?

No, appointments are not needed for curbside pickup or in-building sessions. For curbside, call us when you arrive or as you're leaving home to let us know you'll be picking up requested items. For coming into the library, just come right in during in-building hours.

What health and safety precautions is the library using?

In order to create a safe and healthy space for all members of our community, KCPL requires that you wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Masks must be worn properly covering the mouth and nose.

Hand sanitation stations are available at all KCPL locations.

High-touch surfaces, including service desks, public computers, and tables, are regularly sanitized.

Library patrons are encouraged to limit the time they spend in the building in order to limit the potential for virus exposure.

How should I return my library materials?

All returns must be made via the outside bookdrops.

Please do not bring them into the building or attempt to hand them to staff.

Are materials still being quarantined?

Yes, to protect library patrons and staff, all materials must be returned in the outside bookdrop and will be taken directly to the quarantine space.

Why are materials I returned still showing on my account?

All returned materials are being quarantined for 2 days before being checked in and processed. If an item is still on your account 7 days after you returned it, please let us know.

KCPL is now fine free, so you do not need to worry about overdue fees!

How can I pay for a lost item on my account?

During in-building hours, you can pay by cash, check, or credit card at the main desk in Chestertown. Cash and check are also accepted at the North County and Rock Hall locations.

For contactless payment, you can pay by check. Please call 410-778-3636 to verify the amount before mailing your check.

Is it possible for me to print a document without coming into the library?

Yes, limited printing (up to 10 pages) is available via curbside pickup at no charge.

To submit a document for printing, please attach it to an email and send to

Please include your name and phone number in the email so we can contact you if we have questions about your print request.

When your document has been printed and is ready to be picked up, we will contact you.

If you have questions about this process, please call 410-778-3636.

Are you accepting book donations?

No. At this time, we are not able to accept donations of books or other materials.

For more information about book donations, please contact the Friends of Kent County Public Library.